Ken`s 3 Fav`s 1 jar each - Mango Chipotle, Chile Verde and Black Bean $32.70
3 Pack Salsa
any 3 jars of salsa $32.70
Awsome 4-Some
1 salsa, 1 hot sauce, 1 bbq, 1 seasoning $36.80
3 Way Tie
1 salsa, 1 hot sauce OR 1 bbq, 1 seasoning $32.70
2 Pack Hot Sauce
any 2 jars of any hot sauce
3 Pack Seasoning
any 3 jars of seasoning $23.40
4 Pack BBQ Sauce
any 4 jars of bbq sauce $33.40
Ghost Pepper 4 Pack
1 salsa, 1 hot sauce, 1 bbq, 1 seasoning $36.80
Whole Case Salsa/Hot Sauce
any 12 jars of salsa and/or hot sauce
Half Case Salsa/Hot Sauce
6 jars of salsa and/or hot sauce
Whole Case Hot Sauce
any 12 jars of hot sauce
Half Case Hot Sauce
any 6 jars of hot sauce
Whole Case Seasoning
any 12 jars of seasoning

July 3, 2020
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Sting íNí Linger Authentic Southwest Seasoning
Sting íNí Linger Authentic Southwest Seasoning A special blend of authentic southwest seasoning. Long called "P.R. Hagadorns Cowboy Seasoning", now with a new name and label. Ideal for all types of beef, chicken, pork, pasta, salads, popcorn, dips, and pizza. Perhaps the only seasoning you'll ever need. (3.5 oz) (THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS A SMALL AMOUNT OF MSG.)

Don't forget our great flat-rate 3 Pack of Seasoning! Only $23.40 shipped to anywhere in continental US at no extra charge!

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Sting íNí Linger Authentic Southwest Seasoning $3.95
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*****  Best seasoning anywhere!   - Mark Shade (Nowata, Oklahoma)
I have used and loved this seasoning for over 10 years. It is my favorite seasoning - period. I use it on any/all meats, potatoes and many other things. It is even great on popcorn!

*****  Everybody wants my seasoning   - june koen-potts (Raymond, Washington)
I used to share a jar with friends until they started coming back for more..No more. I give them your website and tell them to order their own. I do share at Christmas. I have been your biggest fan for decades.

*****  Great seasoning   - Tiernan (Peoria, AZ)
My mom has been buying this since I was a kid, back when it was sold at Kiss the Cook as (Cowboy Seasoning). I like it on practically everything. Definitely one of my favorites.

*****  Great seasoning on everything!   - Diane Shade (Nicaragua)
This seasoning is really great! I use it on everything! I even took it with me when I moved to Nicaragua.

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