Sting N Linger Medium Salsa Seasoning


Each packet makes four 14oz cans of fresh tasting salsa. Simply add 5 teaspoons of spice to one 14 ounce can of tomatoes of your choice, chill and serve.


A special blend of chilies, garlic, onion and more – just add to your own fresh vegetables for salsa anytime!

The directions are simple!  Simply add one 14 oz. can of tomatoes and 5 tablespoons of Sting N Linger Salsa Seasoning, chill and serve.

Each 5 oz. packet makes (4) fourteen ounce containers of fresh tasting salsa.  (20 teaspoons of seasoning per packet)

Shipping via USPS envelope with a cost of $1.50.  If any other items are ordered, the $1.50 will not be added and the salsa seasoning will calculate by weight in a combined shipment with the other items.


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